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About Music Choice

2024 Sounds of the Seasons Schedule

How do I find my cable provider login credentials?

How do I subscribe to Music Choice through my Smart TV?

How much does Music Choice cost?

What subscriptions are available for my cable provider?

Where is the music information on the screen coming from?

Who selects the music for the Music Choice music (audio) channels?

Supported Mobile Devices

Is Music Choice available on my Android TV, Apple TV, Fire Stick, or Roku app?

How to access the Music Choice Mobile App

Does Music Choice accept music submissions?

How do I access the Music Choice TV app?

Are the channels on Music Choice censored?

Enhanced TV | Music Choice App for Cable TV subscribers

How do I access the music channels on the webplayer?

Are there any browser requirements for

Using Music Choice

Music Choice Channel Lineup

Is a profile required?

Can I log in to Music Choice on my Smart TV using my cable account?

Access my favorites

Add a video, artist, or channel to my favorites

Add your Music Choice profile to your listening experience

How do I add my profile to my TV?

Exit the Music Choice TV App

Create a video playlist

Edit or delete a custom playlist

Find a channel

Search for an artist, video, or original content

How do I set or change the Maximum Content Rating for a KIDS profile?

How many profiles can I have and use simultaneously?

Account and Billing

How do I update my payment information for my Music Choice subscription?

When can I expect my credit card to be charged each month/year? How am I billed for Music Choice?

Delete a profile from my Music Choice account

Reset my profile pin

How do I update my Music Choice email address?

Why am I seeing unrecognized charges from Music Choice?

Will I be charged state and local taxes?

How do I cancel my Music Choice subscription?

When I cancel my subscription, when will the last payment be and when will the service end?

How do I reactivate my canceled Music Choice subscription?


Why does the mobile app log me out after a certain period of time?

Why am I being logged off all the time?

It’s telling me that I’ve reached my device limit

My mobile app is frozen and/or I’m seeing a spinning wheel that won’t go away. How do I fix this?

My app is unable to stream or access music channels. How do I fix this?

App loads when I go to Music Channels on TV

What if I get a new Smart TV that is a different brand?

Why can’t I find my cable provider on the app login screen?

I selected “reset my pin” but never received an email

The app is asking for a PIN but I’ve never had a PIN

I can only see Kids channels

My music video stops when the app is not open on my device

Why is there an advertisement on the screen?

Why doesn’t the fact on the screen always match with the artist whose song is being played?

Why is there no artist image displayed for certain artists?

How do I let you know that the information on the screen is incorrect?

How do I contact Music Choice?

My question isn't answered.

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