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River and Mountains
Music Choice Relax

What is Music Choice Relax?

Music Choice Relax is a Subscription Video On Demand service offering a large selection of ambient videos in HD ranging from nature scenes to meditation leads.

  • How is Music Choice+ different to the Music Choice channels and playlists?
    Music Choice+ is a subscription service that gives you the freedom to play millions of songs, artists, music videos, and albums, anytime you want, on demand, on your TV and mobile devices. You no longer have to wait for your song to play!
  • Who can get Music Choice+?
    Music Choice+ is available to Comcaxt Xfinity customers.
  • Is Music Choice+ safe for kids?
    Yes, you can adjust the maximum content rating for any profile at any time! With Music Choice+ Family accounts, you can add Kids profiles to protect your children from unsafe content. You can trust our team of real people with real families to hand-select the music and videos available for our Kids profiles to ensure that your family is protected.
  • More FAQs
    View our Music Choice+ Help Center by clicking HERE.

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