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Music Choice Channel Lineup

Please note: all channels notated with an asterisk (*) are available only via our TV and mobile apps. As of February 1, 2024, we have replaced 3 channels on our TV lineup.'60s replaced Indie, Relaxing Vibes replaced Musica Urbana, and Yacht Rock replaced Metal. All channels will continue to be available on our TV and mobile apps.

To see our 50-channel TV lineup, click here. Check your local listings for channel numbers.


These hits are all '10s. Blast the biggest hits from '10-'19.

'60s British Invasion*

Relive the phenomenon. From Beatlemania to The Stones and everyone in between.

'60s Classic Rock*

The rock-defining decade. Where pop, surf, folk, and psychedelic rock come together.

'60s (New to the TV channel lineup!)

The '60s revolution. Pop, rock, and soul - all the genres that defined the decade.


Get Groovy! Experience the best of '70s disco, rock, soul, and more!

'70s Classic Rock*

Experience iconic '70s rock. A fusion of progressive, soft, and hard rock of the decade.

'70s Soul*

Smooth '70s soul. All aboard the "Love Train" for the decade's best soul.


Big Hair & Bigger Hits. Get your fix of this totally awesome decade.

'80s One-Hit-Wonders*

'80s hits you can't forget. Take on the biggest one-hit-wonders of the '80s.

'80s Rock*

Livin' on '80s rock! Where hair metal and monster ballads meet.


Whatever - it's the '90s! Catch up on your favorite mega pop, rock, and urban jams.

'90s Club Hits*

Pump up the dancefloor! Party like it's 1999 with these '90s club beats.

'90s Country*

Big hair, big hits. Play a country throwback with '90s hits.

'90s Hip-Hop*

The Golden Era! Relive the decade of iconic hip-hop hits.

'90s R&B*

'90s Throwback R&B. The smoothest rhythm and blues of the '90s.

'90s Rock*

Nevermind - the '90s rock! Drive it home with the best alternative, grunge, and more.

A Taste of Italy*

Feel close to Rome. A collection of traditional Italian music.

Adult Alternative

A music lover’s channel. Where eclectic pop meets soft alternative.


Redefining R&B. Enjoy these undeniable and undefinable R&B grooves.


Music that shapes the scene. Dance & pop-oriented music meet guitar driven blues & rock.


Rustic roots. Hear music rooted in traditional folk, rock, blues and more.

Big Band*

The golden era. Listen to the best big bands and orchestras.

Black Excellence*

Excellence in every beat. Dive into the passion, positivity, and pride of Black music!


Old-time mountain music. Listen to the impressive string-based tunes.


All eras of blues. From rural soloists to the big city bands.

Brazilian Pop*

Brazilians unite! Samba, old bossa nova, rock, and more from Brazil.

Brits + Hits*

From across the pond. Hear Britain's biggest pop artists making waves.


See the bright lights. Singalong to all the biggest showtunes.

Calming Pet Music*

Tranquil tunes. Unwind with tranquil tunes for you and your companions.

Classic Alternative*

Classic underground cuts. The hottest alternative cuts from the '80s and '90s.

Classic Christmas*

It's Christmas 24/7! Timeless Christmas music from Elvis, Burl Ives, and more.

Classic Country

Country "Greats." Listen to the legends of Country music.

Classic Dance*

Yesterday's club hits. Rewind with club and techno hits from the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Classic Metal*

Shout it out! Home of the hardest rocking pioneers of metal.

Classic Rock

Deep-cuts and mainstream. From Allman to Zeppelin, hear the best rock of 1967-1982.

Classical Masterpieces

Classical repertoire. Hear timeless pieces by the world’s greatest composers.

Coffee Shop Cuts*

A smooth blend of songs. Chill with adult alternative, indie, and eclectic pop songs.

Contemporary Christian

Uplifting Christian hits. Positive songs to encourage your day.

Contemporary Instrumentals*

Modern instrumentals. Soothing sounds from today's greatest instrumentalists.

Country Hall of Famers*

Country's Greatest. Listen to the legends of Country Music.

Country Hits

Country hits then to now. From Strait to Shania. You'll be singing every word.

Country Party Hits*

A Country Throwdown. Turn anywhere into a country party.

Country Songwriters*

All about the lyrics. Hear the minds and souls behind your favorite country songs.


Burn the dancefloor. The hottest beats and remixes from the most desirable DJs.

Disney Hits*

Smile non-stop. The best Disney songs of all time in one place!

Disney Piano*

Calming Disney favorites. Piano performance of your favorite classic Disney songs.

Easy Listening

Familiar flows. Melodic instrumentals with a contemporary touch.

Family Hits*

A family affair. Play these clean pop hits for the whole family!


The Philippines' best. Your destination for the Philippines' biggest hits.


Traditional & modern folk. Powerful music from the most influential names in the genre.

Freestyle Hits*

Feel the urban heartbeat. Dance to the beats of Philly, NYC, and Miami.


Get funky. Jam with a fusion of jazz, R&B, and soul.


Your place of praise. Discover the joy of worship with gospel melodies!

Gospel Hallelujah*

Southern style worship. Traditional Southern gospel to elevate your spirit.

Hard Rock*

Raw and unfiltered! Experience the heaviest hits from rock's loudest names.


The Island's music. Contemporary and classic music from the Hawaiian Islands.

Hip-Hop and R&B

Rhythm & Rhymes. Your go-to spot, where hip-hop meets R&B!

Hip-Hop Classics

Old-school & forever cool! Revisit the golden era with these hip-hop classics.

Hit List

All the hits of today. Beyoncé, Taylor, and all of the trendiest hits you love.

Honky Tonk*

Jukebox country jams. Favorites from Patsy Cline to Merle Haggard.


The next big thing. Discover mid-to-uptempo cutting edge artists.

Irish Favorites*

The spirit of Ireland. The European country's favorite songs.

Italian Favorites*

Travel to Italy. Experience Venice, Naples, and other regions.


Improvisation and harmony. Experience the rich foundation and culture of jazz.

Jazz Vocal Hits*

Classic jazz tracks. Quintessential vocals from Ella Fitzgerald to Dean Martin.

Jazz Vocal Standards*

Influential & popular jazz. Standards from yesterday through today.


Korean pop hits. Hear the best of Korea’s catchy pop scene.

Kids Movies & Musicals*

TV & movies for kids! Hit songs from the soundtracks of blockbuster kids’ movies.

Kids Only!

This one's for the kids. Clean pop hits especially for your little ones and tweens.

Latin Jazz*

Rhythm and percussion. Hear the most popular and current Latin jazz songs.

Light Classical

Calming compositions. Soloists and ensembles perform elegant background music.


Take a seat. Smooth, ambient tracks and chill downtempo tech beats.

Love Songs

Romance is in the air. Setting the mood with passionate R&B and pop.


Gentle bedtime tunes. From naptime to nighttime, kids will rest easy.

Mainstream Rap*

Hip-hop heavyweights. Catch up on the hottest rap releases.

Malt Shop Favorites*

Go back in time. Your favorite jukebox doo-wop and pop.

MC Workout: Yoga*

Breathe in, breathe out. Flow through your workout with these soothing sounds.


Loud, aggressive, and raw! Headbang to the best metal of yesterday and today.


The essence of Mexican music. Discover a rich variety of Mexicana music styles.

Motown Hits*

Iconic label, iconic hits! From the Marvelettes to MJ, hear these influential hits!

Movie Scores*

Bring the big screen home! Play the music that brought your favorite films to life.

Music Choice Fresh*

Keeping it fresh. Stay up to date with the hottest tracks!

Music Choice Max

The latest and greatest! Maximum vibes with the hottest pop and hip-hop songs!

Musica Urbana*

Feel the rhythm. The latest reggaeton, dembow, and Spanish rap!

Nature Sounds*

Enjoy the outdoors at home! Experience tranquil nature sounds and brighten your mood.

New Age*

Find your serenity. Enjoy relaxation with light melodic harmonies.

New Wave*

Synthpop and post-punk. Get the best hits from alternative’s classic era.


From the diaphragm. Opera classics - for the true aficionado.

Party Favorites

Get the party started! Hit the dancefloor with the hits of today and iconic songs.

Pop & Country

Denim & Sparkles. Get your country and pop fix in one place.

Pop Hits

All the best pop. The greatest of all pop.

Pop Latino

Muévete with Music Choice! Play non-stop hits from today’s hottest Latin artists.

R&B 2K*

R&B of the new millennium! Hear the hottest R&B tracks of the '00s!

R&B Classics

The home of timeless R&B. Your source for R&B hits that never get old!

R&B Groove*

Get groovin'. Dance through the decades with R&B classics.

R&B Slow Jamz*

Take it slow. Slow it down with grooves from Silk, SWV, and more!

R&B Soul

Tune Into the Soul. Embrace the feels with the soulful sounds of R&B.

Rainy Days*

Sprinkles and showers. Drift away with the soothing sounds of rain falling.


All about the bars. Your destination for the hottest bars in hip-hop.

Rap 2K*

Turn of the century bars! Revisit the rap anthems of the millennium!


A musical island getaway! Feel the rhythms of the Caribbean - no vacation necessary!

Relaxing Vibes (New to the TV channel lineup!)

Unwind with us. Take a breather with this blend of relaxing ambient songs.

Retro Workout*

Get your sweat on! Take it to the limit with upbeat retro rock.


Rock on! Your destination for modern rock staples.

Rock Hits

Smells like rock hits. Bridging the gap between classic and modern rock.

Rock Latino*

Hot Latin rock. Hits from Latin rock bands from the U.S. and Latin America!


Mi Amor! Explore a collection of Spanish-language love songs.

Singers & Swing

Standards and Classics. Big bands and vocalists that keep the music alive.

Sleep Noise*

Your sleep soundtrack. Have sweet dreams with soft, peaceful sounds.

Smooth Jazz

Rhythms and grooves. Experience jazz with R&B, soul, pop, and rock roots.

Soft Rock

Take it easy. Embrace the softer side of rock from yesterday and today.

Solid Gold Oldies

Recreate the past. Reminisce with the biggest hits from the '50s and '60s.

Sounds of the Seasons

Celebrate the Season. Your home for festive music from the biggest holidays.


Soothing vibes. Unwind with new age, atmospheric, and positive music.

Stage & Screen

Soundtracks & Scores. Listen to the best songs from Broadway, TV, and film.


From Abel to Witt. Hear century-spanning concertos, overtures, and serenades.

Teen Hits

A teen dream. The ultimate teen party playlist.

The Pulse*

Lean back... Ambient pop meets, trip-hop, and electronica.

Throwback Jamz

Back in the day hits! Step back in time with your favorite '90s jams!

Today's Country

Current country favorites. From Wallen to Wilson. Turn up today's top country songs.

Toddler Tunes

Lullabies & Sing-alongs. All of your little one's favorite songs.


¿Quieres bailar? The best salsa, merengue, and bachata tracks.

Underground Hip-Hop*

Putting lyrics first! It's all in the words, explore the art of hip-hop lyricism!


Vietnam's best. Explore music from the Southeast Asian country.


Go the extra mile. Break a sweat with the hottest upbeat music.


Up-tempo Y2K hits. Enjoy upbeat pop, hip-hop, and rock from '00-'09.

Yacht Rock (New to the TV channel lineup!)

Come sail away! Kick-back with a fusion of soft rock from the '70s and '80s.

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