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Music Choice Troubleshooting

Why does the mobile app log me out after a certain period of time?

Why am I being logged off all the time?

It’s telling me that I’ve reached my device limit

My mobile app is frozen and/or I’m seeing a spinning wheel that won’t go away. How do I fix this?

How do I update my Music Choice email address?

My app is unable to stream or access music channels. How do I fix this?

App loads when I go to Music Channels on TV

What if I get a new Smart TV that is a different brand?

Why am I having trouble signing into the app? What’s a Music Choice Profile?

Why can’t I find my cable provider on the app login screen?

I selected “reset my pin” but never received an email

The app is asking for a PIN but I’ve never had a PIN

I can only see Kids channels

My music video stops when the app is not open on my device

Why is there an advertisement on the screen?

Why doesn’t the fact on the screen always match with the artist whose song is being played?

Why is there no artist image displayed for certain artists?

My question isn't answered.

Music Choice+ Troubleshooting

Receiving a “stream from home every 30 days” message on mobile

Receiving a “You’re already listening” alert

Receiving a “Music Choice+ subscriber exclusive” message

I want to add someone to my Music Choice+ subscription, but their profile is not appearing as an option

I subscribed to Music Choice+ but I can't access it on my mobile device

I subscribed to Music Choice+ but I can't watch it on TV

My question isn't answered.

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