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About Music Choice+

What is Music Choice+?

How do I subscribe to Music Choice+?

How much does Music Choice+ cost?

What is included with Music Choice+?

How is Music Choice+ different to the Music Choice channels and playlists?

Is Music Choice still free?

Is Music Choice+ available to all cable providers?

Is Music Choice+ safe for kids?

Is the content on Music Choice+ rated?

Are there ads or commercials on Music Choice+?

Which devices support Music Choice+ streaming?

Using Music Choice+

How to access a Music Choice+ subscription after cable account cancellation​

How do I merge my current Music Choice profile with my Music Choice+ account?

How do I edit or delete a playlist in Music Choice+?

Add or remove profiles on your Music Choice+ subscription

How to make a playlist in Music Choice+

Sharing Music Choice+ Playlists

Why do you require a profile pin?

How to search in Music Choice+

Which devices can I use to stream Music Choice+ content?

Can I stream Music Choice+ on my mobile device?

How do I listen to Music Choice+ on TV?

How can I download Music Choice+ songs for offline listening?

Account and Billing

Can I try Music Choice+ before subscribing?

How am I billed for Music Choice+?

Do you need my credit card information to subscribe to Music Choice+?

How to change your Music Choice+ subscription package?

I was charged for Music Choice+ but never subscribed.

I was charged for Music Choice+ while on a free trial.

Music Choice+ subscription termination for non-payment

How do I unsubscribe to Music Choice+?


Receiving a “stream from home every 30 days” message on mobile

Receiving a “You’re already listening” alert

Receiving a “Music Choice+ subscriber exclusive” message

I want to add someone to my Music Choice+ subscription, but their profile is not appearing as an option

I subscribed to Music Choice+ but I can't access it on my mobile device

I subscribed to Music Choice+ but I can't watch it on TV

How do I contact Music Choice?

My question isn't answered.

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