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How to access a Music Choice+ subscription after cable account cancellation​

This solution is only available for Xfinity customers.


In the event you have purchased a Music Choice+ subscription via your television provider and subsequently cancel your broadcast television account, it is still possible to access your Music Choice subscription content via our mobile applications. Following the steps below, you will be able to login to our mobile applications using your Music Choice profile and access your content through the remaining period of your paid subscription.

Download the Music Choice app (for ios or android)

From the TV Provider selection screen, press the “See all TV Providers” button

At the bottom of the provider list, select the “Restore Subscription” option

On the following screen, select the Subscription Partner you used to purchase your Music Choice subscription

Then enter the email address & PIN associated with your existing Music Choice user profile

If your subscription is found, and there is time remaining in your pre-paid subscription period, you will be granted access to your Music Choice subscription content

If your subscription period has ended, you will no longer be granted access to the content

If you encounter difficulty with this process, please reach out to the Music Choice support desk at:

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