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How do I unsubscribe to Music Choice+?

To cancel your subscription you must contact your cable provider. You cannot cancel via


To cancel, you must unsubscribe by using your remote on your TV provider’s On Demand menu.

  • Find your plan under Apps & Subscriptions in X1 Settings.

    • You can also say “Manage Music Choice” into your Xfinity Voice Remote.

    • You'll see your current Music Choice subscription details.

    • Press the down arrow to get to Unsubscribe, then press OK.

    • You’ll see options to Unsubscribe or Back to go back to the previous menu.

    • The next screen will confirm you’ve unsubscribed.

      • You can continue accessing Music Choice Plus until the end of your current Music Choice Plus billing cycle.

    • When you go back to the Apps & Subscriptions menu, you’ll see your current subscription plan and the cancellation date.

For further information on managing your Video On Demand subscriptions, please visit this link here.

If a user cancels their Xfinity subscription, they can continue with their Music Choice+ subscription for the remainder of the month. Follow this link here to access your Music Choice+ account after cable account cancellation

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